What is God’s Perfect Will?

“Listen to them but you must solemnly warn them and tell them about the rights of the king who will rule over them.” 1 Samuel 8:9

In our world there seems to be warnings all around us. Warning: small objects, choking hazard; Warning: Alarm will sound when door is opened; Warning: Contains peanuts. The list is endless of the numerous warnings we encounter each day, however the warnings help to protect us and keep us safe.

God was going to allow the Israelites to have the king they desired, but He wanted Samuel to warn them of the dangers of having a king rule over them in place of following God and making Him the King of their lives. There are always consequences and implications for the decisions we make. Sometimes God allows us to make a poor choice even though it may lead to pain and suffering. He can use our poor decisions as a way of teaching us a lesson.

Challenge: You have choices to make. God may allow you to make a poor choice and you will be in God’s permissive will. It is not the best way, but God can still work His good from your poor choices. If you make a good choice then you are in God’s perfect will and you may not have to experience the pain and suffering of a poor choice. Pray that God will reveal His perfect will for your life and that you will make good, wise choices.

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