God Is Your King

But when you saw that Nahash king of the Ammonites was coming against you, you said to me, “No, we must have a king rule over us” – even though the Lord your God is your king. 1 Samuel 12:12

As parents our goal is to bring our children up to become adults who will make all of their own decisions. As children, we guide them and tell them what they should and should not do. But as they mature, they become more independent and make more of their own decisions. Even though all of my children are now grown, I am still their parent and expect them to respect me as their father. There is no greater joy than when my children call me and ask for my advice and direction.

Samuel reminded the Israelites that they now had what they had requested – a king that would rule over them and protect them. He went on to say that the Lord God was their true King. Even though they had an earthly king to rule over them, they still needed to make God the real King of their lives and look to Him for direction and protection.

Challenge: God is the King of everything and we are subject to His laws. No one is exempt from God’s laws. We must recognize God as King and pattern our lives according to His laws and principles. God is pleased when we look to Him for direction and protection.

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