Glorifying Self Instead of God

Early in the morning Samuel got up to go confront Saul, but it was reported to Samuel, “Saul went to Carmel where he set up a monument for himself. Then he turned around and went down to Gilgal.” 1 Samuel 15:12HCSB

One of the most impressive monuments I have seen is the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. It is a large statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting in a chair. The monument honors his leadership as president of the United States during the Civil War. It would have been considered arrogant if Lincoln had set up the monument to himself.

Saul set up a monument to himself. This was an indication of how Saul’s heart had turned toward himself and his own glorification rather than trying to glorify God. Saul had become great in his own eyes when he needed to realize that his power and ability to defeat his enemies came from the Lord. He should have built a monument to God instead of himself. He should have been praising God for all He had done for him and the Israelites.

Challenge: Is your greatest desire to glorify God or yourself? Praise God for the many blessings He has provided in your life. Look for ways to bring honor and glory to God today. Be humble and do not seek the praises of other people.

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