Remember Those Behind the Scene

But David said, “My brothers, you must not do this with what the Lord has given us. He protected us and handed over to us the raiders who came against us. Who can agree to your proposal? The share of the one who goes into battle is to be the same as the share of the one who remains with the supplies. They will share equally.” 1 Samuel 30:23-24 HCSB

Two men and a woman take care of all of the mowing of the grass, weed-eating, and management of the flowers at our church. They do it because they love the Lord and love their church. Their hard work mostly goes unnoticed. The ministers may be the ones on stage on Sunday, but these faithful servants are the unsung heroes behind the scene. If they did not do what they do, we would have to pay someone great sums of money each week to keep everything looking well-manicured and beautiful. Without their hard work we would have weeds in the flowerbeds, grass growing around the fence line, and the lawn would be overgrown.

David realized that it takes everyone doing his job to accomplish the task and that those who stayed back with the supplies were doing something just as important as those who were fighting the battle. Without the support of other people, the soldiers could not do their job. David made a law that those who worked behind the scene would be treated equally with those who fought in the battle.

Challenge: Send a thank you note to those who work behind the scene at your church to support the ministers and ministries of the church. Treat everyone with the same dignity no matter what position or job they hold in the church or community. Remember that even though your position may not be very glamorous or exciting, it is vital to the work of your church or the company for which you work.

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