Are You A Christian?

But if anyone suffers as a “Christian,” he should not be ashamed but should glorify God in having that name. 1 Peter 4:16 HCSB

Have you ever been in a situation where you did not want people to know you were a Christian? Have you ever tried to hide your identity as a Christ-follower because others might ridicule you? I think we have all had some type of experience where we have been looked down upon because of our Christian beliefs. Sometimes Christians are known as being “religious” or “fundamentalist”.

Peter is telling his readers to expect suffering as a result of being a “Christian” – a follower of Jesus Christ. We should not be ashamed of being a Christian; rather we should be proud to take a stand for Christ and bring glory to God. Peter and John rejoiced when they were persecuted for preaching the Gospel (see Acts 5:41).

Challenge: Do not be ashamed of being called a Christian. The Scripture says that others will know we are Christians by our love. Be proud of being a Christ-follower. Love others with the same love that Christ has for you – even at the risk of ridicule or persecution.

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