Keep Practicing

Therefore I will always remind you about these things, even though you know them and are established in the truth you have. 2 Peter 1:12 HCSB

When I played golf in college I usually practiced or played every day. Professional golfers practice for hours every day. Many times they will play a practice round before a tournament begins. They also spend hours on the practice range hitting balls and on the putting green to practice their putting. It is not because they do not know how to play golf but because they are trying to fine tune their swings and putting so they can play even better.

The same is true in our Christian lives. We need to constantly be fine tuning our lives so we become more and more like Jesus Christ. Just as an athlete must execute the basic fundamentals of the sport, a Christian must execute the basic fundamentals of faith. We must faithfully practice and learn how we can improve and become better witnesses for Jesus Christ. In this verse Peter tells his readers that even though he has said it before, he is going to keep on reminding them to live by the principles and truth that God has established.

Challenge: Keep practicing the fundamentals of faith and seek to become more like Jesus in every area of your life. Do not become bored or impatient with messages or teaching about how to live as a Christian. Instead, become like an athlete who continues to work towards his goal of being the best.

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