Marching Orders

Joshua got up early the next morning. The priests took the ark of the Lord, and seven priests carrying seven trumpets marched in front of the ark of the Lord. While the trumpets were blowing the armed troops went in front of them, and the rear guard went behind the ark of the Lord. On the second day they marched around the city once and returned to the camp. They did this for six days. Joshua 6:12-14 HCSB

Occasionally in my professional life a supervisor has given me instructions for a specific task that to me did not seem logical or beneficial. I always complied because the request came from my superior.

Just imagine if you had been one of the priests or armed troops under Joshua's command. There was no logic to what they had been asked to do. It certainly would not have seemed the best way to conquer a city that was fortified with large walls. Certainly they must have thought that Joshua had lost his mind when they did the same thing for six days without any recognizable results. One can only imagine what the conversations would have been among the troops each evening after marching around the city blowing horns. The people of Jericho must have been ridiculing and jeering the Israelites. With each day the laughter and jeering had to get more intense.

Challenge: What has God asked you to do that seemed to be a waste of time or even impossible? Are you willing to blindly follow God's commands regardless of how illogical or impractical they might seem? God desires for you to trust Him and follow His leadership at all times, even when it does not make any sense.

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