Are You a Deserter?

You have not deserted your brothers even once this whole time but have carried out the requirement of the command of the Lord your God. Now that He has given your brothers rest, just as He promised them, return to your homes in your own land that Moses the Lord's servant gave you across the Jordan. Joshua 22:3-4 HCSB

Recently there was a story in the news of a man who had been captured by the enemy troops in Afghanistan. Then came stories that he had been released as a result of a deal that President Obama had struck with the captors. Five men were released from a United Statesprison in exchange for this soldier's release. At first the soldier was praised as a hero but then came reports that the United States Army was going to charge the soldier with desertion of his fellow troops and helping the enemy.

In this Scripture passage, Joshua praised the soldiers for being faithful to their word and commitment. They had not deserted their brothers and had done exactly what the Lord God had commanded them to do. It would have been easy for these men to say, “We are safe in our homes and we should not be required to fight a battle that does not benefit us personally orour families.” Instead, they willingly went and fought with their fellow countrymen to help secure land for their brothers and their families.

Challenge: As Christians we have been given the command to “Go and make disciples” but many of us have deserted and not followed our Lord's command. We often seem to only be concerned with ourselves and what is going to be best for our families. We have little concern for our friends, relatives, work associates and neighbors who desperately need to know Jesus as Lord. Pray and ask God for forgiveness for deserting your responsibility. Ask Him to help you to remain faithful to do what He has commanded.

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