Why Are You Not Doing What God Commanded?

She summoned Barak, son of Abinoam from Kedesh in Naphtali and said to him, “Hasn't the Lord, the God of Israel, commanded you: 'Go, deploy the troops on Mount Tabor, and take with you 10,000 men from the Haphtalites and Zebulunites?'” Judges 4:6 HCSB

There have been times in my life when I have had strong feelings that God was leading me to do something very specific. At other times when I have sought God's direction in my life, I have wanted Him to write on the wall or speak to me audibly so I would know what He wanted me to do. Most people want to be in God's will and doing what God desires of them.

God had commanded Barak to deploy the troops on Mount Tabor, but he had not done what God had commanded. Deborah called him on the carpet and demanded an explanation for why he had not listened and done what God had commanded.

Challenge: Pray and seek God's will and direction in your life. What has God commanded you to do? Are you listening to and obeying God? Who holds you accountable to do what God has directed you to do?

Read The Bible Through In Two Years: Genesis 27:1-46; Matthew 18:1-35

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