Life is Not Fair

Why do the wicked continue to live, growing old and becoming powerful? Their children are established while they are still alive, and their descendants, before their eyes. Their homes are secure and free of fear; no rod from God strikes them. Job 19:25-27 HCSB

I enjoy playing board games. One of my favorites is Backgammon. When serving as the student pastor at First Baptist Church, Amarillo, Texas we took four or five charter buses of students skiing each year. To be on the safe side we took a medical doctor with us. He enjoyed playing backgammon and the two of us would create our own personal Backgammon tournament on the bus while traveling to and from the ski area. Backgammon is a game of strategy and luck. It requires careful observation and planning each move.

In general, we like to to have a plan and strategy for life. Job seemed to have everything in order and life was going well but then came the loss of all of his children, servants, crops, livestock, and his health. In these verses Job is complaining about how the wicked seem to be blessed while he was experiencing the discipline of God. Life is not always fair, but there will someday be a day of judgment when every person will give an account for his actions (See Revelation 20:11-15)

Challenge: Life is not fair. We never can predict what is going to happen in this life. There will always be people who seem to get all of the breaks while others seem to have incredible difficulties that are seemingly undeserved. Christians are not immune from problems. Trust God and ask Him to help you face life and its many problems with a positive attitude.

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