True Wisdom

But where can wisdom be found and where is understanding located? Job 28:12 HCSB

Some people seek wisdom and direction from a variety of mediums: psychics, astrologers, palm readers, tarot cards, or fortune cookies. We all desire to have wisdom and make wise choices. Some seek more traditional methods by seeking advice from experts in the field such as financial and marriage advisors.

Job is responding to the advice of his friends and asking where wisdom could be found. Understanding is another word for wisdom. Finding wisdom requires persistence. Knowledge and understanding are gifts from God but even non-believers may have these same attributes. True wisdom is knowing how to live and only comes from reading God’s Word and applying its principles to our lives.

Challenge: True wisdom does not come from mediums like psychics and astrologers. Read God’s Word to gain true wisdom. Pray that God will give you the wisdom of Solomon.

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