The Value of Wisdom

No man can know its value, since it cannot be found in the land of the living. Job 28:13 HCSB

My son, Nathan, has an interest in pocket watches and has even developed a website that assists people in finding the value of old pocket watches. He has cleaned and repaired many pocket watches he has purchased. I have two pocket watches; one belonged to my father and the other to my grandfather. It is hard to know their value without someone like my son who has expertise in this area to place a value on them.

Job is referring to the value of having wisdom in this verse. One cannot place a value on wisdom. It is invaluable. Wisdom cannot be found from people here on earth. The ultimate interpretation of life comes from God. Those seeking God’s wisdom should look in the Bible. God is the author of life and has all understanding and wisdom.

Challenge: Know that wisdom is valuable and worthy of being sought. Read your Bible and learn from its words how you can live a life that brings glory to God.

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