Invest Wisely

Send your bread on the surface of the waters, for after many days you may find it. Give a portion to seven or even to eight, for you don’t know what disaster may happen on earth. Ecclesiastes 11:1-2 HCSB

When my son, Nathan, was in high school he participated in a team project with his school. His team competed against other teams from around the state to invest imaginary money into the stock market. The winning team did the best job of investing and making money. This project was to help the students learn how the stock market worked and how to invest wisely. Nathan’s team came in second in the state. Since that time he has applied the knowledge he learned to invest real money in a wise manner.

When referring to bread, Solomon was talking about making overseas investments and trade agreements. He also warned that it took time to make money on one’s investments and it required patience. Diversity is a key to success when investing. Putting “all of your eggs into one basket” can be disastrous. Solomon recommended that one invest in seven or even eight different ways. God’s Word provides some good advice on investing, but one should always remember that God is in control.

Challenge: Whether you have money to invest or not, you can always invest your time and your talents wisely. Look for a way to invest your life into the lives of others.

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