Waiting for the Perfect Conditions

One who watches the wind will not sow, and the one who looks at the clouds will not reap. Ecclesiastes 11:4 HCSB

While in the 8th and 9th grade I participated in the organization, Future Farmers of America. One of our assignments was to plant and grow a garden. Achieving a garden that was fruitful required perfect conditions, including rich soil, the seeds being planted at the right depth, and the proper distance between seeds and rows. The seeds also needed just the right amount of fertilizer and water to grow. Keeping the garden weed-free was essential for optimum growth to occur.

Waiting for the perfect conditions in life can paralyze a person. One who watches for the wind or looks to the clouds will not reap. If he waits for the perfect time to begin to have a quiet time, he will never start. If he waits for the perfect church, he will never join. If he waits for the perfect ministry in which to be involved, he will never serve. Do not wait for the perfect conditions; they may never exist.

Challenge: Take steps to grow spiritually even if the conditions are not perfect. If you wait for perfect conditions, you will not be able to reap or grow to your fullest potential as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

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