Bread of Life

“I assure you: Anyone who believes has eternal life. I am the Bread of life.” John 6:47-48 HCSB

I heard a story of a little five year old girl upon seeing the picture of a child in a third world country suffering from malnutrition asked her father, “What is wrong with the little boy?” The father explained that the little boy looked that way because he had not had very much to eat to which the little girl said, “That is just pretend, isn’t it Dad?” It is hard for a five year old girl who has grown up eating three healthy meals each day to understand how a little boy would not have much to eat. Food and water are essential for life.

Jesus used the metaphor of bread to explain that He was the Bread of life. Those who believe in Him and accept Him as personal Savior will receive bread that will give them eternal life. Jesus provides what people need for their spiritual hunger. Just like we need physical bread to sustain life here on earth, we need the spiritual Bread of life found only in Jesus to enjoy life to its fullest, spent in a joyful, never-ending relationship with God.

Challenge: Are you hungry for the Bread of life? Taste and eat of spiritual bread and you will receive everlasting life. You can have eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

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