When the festival was already half over, Jesus went up into the temple complex and began to teach. Then the Jews were amazed and said, “How does He know the Scriptures, since He hasn’t been trained?” John 7:14-15 HCSB

While in seminary I contemplated continuing my education and pursuing a doctor’s degree, but God called me to a church in Florida directly after graduation. I have done some additional training from time to time through the years and have received information about continuing my education, but it never seemed the right time. Having higher education is not necessary to do ministry, but it certainly may open doors that make it possible for one to be more effective in ministry.

Jesus had probably received the same training as most Jewish boys. He would have learned to read, write, and quote much of the Old Testament, but He did not have the formal higher education that would have qualified Him as a rabbi. Yet, the people were amazed that He understood and taught the Scriptures as one with great knowledge and training.

Challenge: Jesus knew the Scripture and has taught us through His Word, the Bible, how we should live our lives. Follow His teachings and do what will bring honor and glory to His kingdom.

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