Is It Okay to be Angry?

When Jesus saw her crying, and the Jews who had come with her crying, He was angry in His spirit and deeply moved. John 11:33 HCSB

I am sorry to report that in the course of my life I have become angry for various reasons. Disobedience from my children in days gone by occasionally resulted in anger. A poor shot on the golf course might still generate my anger. I easily become angry at the injustice I see in our world.

This verse helps us to understand that Jesus had emotions just like we do. God created our emotions, but it is important that we express them in appropriate ways. It is natural for us to become angry, however our anger should be focused toward the sin in our world.

Jesus was possibly angry due to the absence of faith from the people. He might have been angry at their unwillingness to grasp His power and omniscience. Another possible explanation for His anger was the participation of professional mourners who would come to cry and mourn with the relatives and family members. These were imposters who were not sincere mourners. We are not sure why Jesus was angry, but we do know that Jesus became angry.

Challenge: How do you handle your anger? It is acceptable to become angry, but it is important to keep your anger under control and express it in appropriate ways.

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