Do You Have Any Sense?

The one who commits adultery lacks sense, whoever does so destroys himself. He will get a beating and dishonor, and his disgrace will never be removed. Proverbs 6:32-33 HCSB

We live in a culture where it seems that “sexual freedom” is rampant. Many people freely engage in sexual relationships with others without being married. It is becoming more common for couples to live together before getting married. Some say sexual immorality and adultery really do not hurt anyone, but the truth is that someone always gets hurt. Many marriages are destroyed every year as a result of unfaithfulness and adultery. Spouses are devastated and children are lonely and confused. Sexual immorality is extremely dangerous. It destroys family life and erodes trust. It degrades human beings and treats them as objects. It can even lead to disease and unwanted pregnancy.

Solomon reminds us in these two verses that anyone who commits adultery or sexual immorality lacks sense and makes unwise decisions that will only bring destruction. The participant will ultimately be disgraced and dishonored. Adultery and sexual immorality may be fun at the time, but there is always a penalty to be paid later and people always get hurt.

Challenge: Make the smart choice. Make a commitment to moral purity. Go against today’s culture by taking a stand for sexually purity and do not engage in immoral activity that is against God’s plan. Do what is right in God’s eyes even though the world is telling you to go a different direction. Ask God to forgive you for specific failures to live a morally pure life.

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