Shaken Out

I also shook the folds of my robe and said, “May God likewise shake from his house and property everyone who doesn’t keep this promise. May he be shaken out and have nothing!” The whole assembly said, “Amen,” and they praised the Lord. Then the people did as they had promised. Nehemiah 5:13

I have several pairs of pants that have cuffs on the bottom. It is amazing that just in normal walking that the cuffs of my pants will fill up with grass and dirt. Periodically, I need to clean out the fold in the cuffs in order to continue to wear the slacks.

Nehemiah used the illustration of emptying the folds in his robe as a way to illustrate what would happen to someone who was disobedient and went against God. Just as I clean out the cuffs of my pants and throw away any debris, Nehemiah was saying that if anyone were to disobey God’s laws and not keep his promises, he would be shaken out and removed.

Challenge: Watch what you say and do. Be careful to follow God’s will. You do not have to worry about being shaken out of God’s fold if you have repented of your sins and accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. Once saved, always saved is foundational, but God does desire for you to seek Him and His ways in everything you say and do.

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