The Lord is a jealous and avenging God; the Lord takes vengeance and is fierce in wrath. The Lord takes vengeance against His foes; He is furious with His enemies. Nahum 1:8 HCSB

We typically think of jealousy as a negative quality. We should not be jealous of other people’s possessions, position in life, or physical appearance. Too often we are jealous if someone has a better car, a bigger house, or higher paying job. At other times we may be jealous if someone has superior employment or educational opportunities, financial resources to travel, or even has the income to do acts of kindness for others. Jealousy may occur in a dating relationship when an individual deems someone else more attractive.

Our human jealousy is based on selfishness, whereas God is jealous for us and desires our complete attention and devotion. God’s jealousy is not based upon selfishness but on what is best for us. He knows that if we will serve Him and Him alone we will find happiness and fulfillment in life. God hates sin and wants us to avoid it because He knows that sin will only bring sadness, rejection, and unhappiness. God’s foes are Satan and evil. He is furious with what Satan is doing and He takes vengeance and wrath out on the sinfulness of this world.

Challenge: Thank God that He is jealous for you and desires your complete devotion to to Him. Praise Him for taking His vengeance and wrath out on the sinfulness of the world. Thank Him for providing the perfect sacrifice in Jesus Christ so you might be forgiven of your sins and have eternal life.

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