The Lord is Good

The Lord is good, a stronghold in a day of distress; He cares for those who take refuge in Him. Nahum 1:7 HCSB

As I write this, it is snowing outside. The white snow is blowing around and blanketing bushes, trees and yards in purity. We already have several inches of snow on the ground and it is supposed to snow all night. I am sitting by the flickering fireplace in the living room of my home where it is warm and toasty while outside it is bitterly cold. I am so thankful for a warm and comfortable home on this cold, snowy evening.

Just as I have taken refuge in my home from the stormy weather, as believers in Jesus Christ we can take refuge in God. He will protect us from the evils of our world. Because of our faith in Jesus we will be protected from His wrath against evil and sin on Judgment Day. We will be comforted and given eternal life. God is good!

Challenge: Read Psalm 46:1 and Joel 2:12-17 for a greater understanding of how God is our strength and refuge, especially during times of distress and troubles. Thank God that He is your strength and refuge. Listen to Chris Tomlin sing “Our God” on YouTube at

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