Are You and Enemy of God?

But He will completely destroy Nineveh with an overwhelming flood, and He will chase His enemies into darkness. Nahum 1:8 HCSB

I recently watched a video about the surrender of the Japanese in World War 2. The Americans demanded that the planes carrying the Japanese officers to the official surrender be painted white and the red sunrise emblem that had been on the planes be replaced with a green cross. The Japanese were the enemy and they had lost the war, so they complied with the demands.

As sinners we are enemies of God. God is holy and hates sin. Because God is loving, merciful, and forgiving, He has provided a way for the penalty of our sins to be paid. Sin’s penalty is death, but Jesus Christ took on our sins and died in our place. If we surrender our lives to Jesus and accept Him as our personal Lord and Savior, our sins are forgiven and we are no longer enemies of God. We are children of God and we will inherit the kingdom of God and eternal life. (Read Romans 5:10-11) Those who are enemies of God and do evil and do not repent of their sin will someday face the consequences of their actions. God will not allow sin to go unpunished.

Challenge: If you have never surrendered your life to Christ, pray and ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life. It is as simple as A-B-C. Admit you are a sinner. Believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died for your sins and rose again to life. Confess Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. Listen to Chris Tomlin sing “Lord I Need You” on YouTube at

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