Rare Message

The boy Samuel served the Lord in Eli’s presence. In those days the word of the Lord was rare and prophetic visions were not widespread. 1 Samuel 3:1 HCSB

I have observed first-hand the development of the phone. The first phone my family had was the old rotary style. I remember going to the World’s Fair in Seattle, Washington, in 1962 where I saw the first push button phone and experienced how much faster it was to use than a rotary phone. I purchased my first cell phone in 1993. It was about six inches long and approximately three inches wide with an antenna and a battery bag. Then came the flip phone, followed by the Blackberry. I now have an iPhone that not only serves as my phone but also has a camera and has more storage space than my first computer. I receive text messages, read my email messages, and can even FaceTime with my grandchildren. It is amazing how the phone has developed over the years, but it is of no benefit unless the person I call actually answers and talks with me. Communication is a two way street.

This verse reminds us that the Word of the Lord was rare and prophetic visions were not widespread. Why was it rare to get a message from God in those days? God had spoken directly to Moses and Joshua, but His word had become rare. The people were evil and did not seek God. Even Eli’s sons had rejected God and were greedy. Communication was poor between the people and God, therefore their line of communication was broken.

Challenge: We must pray and talk to God and then we must listen and be willing to act upon what God tells us to do. Ask God to speak to you through His Word, through the Holy Spirit, and through your friends and family. How are the communication lines between you and God? Are you willing to listen and act upon what He reveals to you?

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