Helped Wanted

The boy Samuel served the Lord in Eli’s presence. In those days the word of the Lord was rare and prophetic visions were not widespread. 1 Samuel 3:1 HCSB

It is hard for me to understand why the unemployment rate is so high when everywhere I look there are signs that say, “Help Wanted” or “Hiring”. There are even advertisements for jobs in the paper and on television. It seems that there are plenty of jobs, but the people just do not want to do the job that is available.

In the church there are many jobs, however it seems there is always a shortage of leadership, especially in the preschool and children’s area. As a youth pastor and now as an education pastor, it has always been a challenge to enlist and train qualified leaders. Samuel was serving the Lord by assisting Eli. He was serving God under Eli’s direction. Volunteers in the church serve the Lord under the direction of the pastor or minister for various areas of ministry.

Challenge: Where are you serving the Lord? All church members should be involved in three ways: 1. Worship 2. Bible Study 3. Service. Service is important to the growth of disciples of Jesus Christ. Discover your spiritual gifts by completing the spiritual gifts survey at Then talk to your minister about where would be the best place for you to serve in your church. Where can God best use your skills and abilities to bring honor and glory to His kingdom?

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