Saul said to his servants, “Listen, men of Benjamin: Is Jesse’s son going to give all of you fields and vineyards? Do you think he’ll make all of you commanders of thousands and commanders of hundreds? 1 Samuel 22:7 HCSB

In America we are in the midst of the presidential campaign. Each candidate is promising what he or she will do when they are elected president. They not only make wild promises, they tell people why the other candidate is not a good choice and how he or she will only make things worse.

Saul was basically doing the same thing with his servants by asking them a rhetorical question about David. He was suggesting that David would not give them fields and vineyards and would not put them in charge of others. His basic plea was the same as it is today – “Pick me as your king and I will take care of you. If David is king he will not care about you.”

Challenge: No matter who is president or who is king, Jesus is the King above all other kings and presidents. We should seek to please Him. Even the leaders of the world are allowed their power and authority by the Sovereign God who is in control of everything. Pray for God’s will to be done in the elections. Go and exercise your freedom to vote. Pray for the leaders of our country to follow God’s principles.

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