Pity Party

That’s why all of you have conspired against me! Nobody tells me when my own son makes a covenant with Jesses’s son. None of you cares about me or tells me that my son has stirred up my own servant to wait in ambush for me, as is the case today.” 1 Samuel 22:8 HCSB

I have frequently observed others having a “Pity Party”. They feel sorry for themselves and think everyone is out to get them. Some are convinced that others are plotting harm. Others become so depressed they wish they could end it all.

Saul was having a “Pity Party” and feeling as though everyone, including his servants, was conspiring against him. He felt that no one cared about him. Saul even thought his own son, Jonathan, was plotting against him. This was untrue as Jonathan would die fighting alongside his father.

Challenge: Are you having a “Pity Party” and thinking “poor little me, nobody cares about me”? If you are feeling sorry for yourself, remember that God loves you so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to suffer and die on the cross for your sins so you might have forgiveness and gain eternal life. Just think – God, the Omnipotent ruler of the universe, wants to have a personal relationship with you. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and know that God is with you through the valleys of life and on the mountain tops.

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