Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

“Otherwise, as surely as the Lord God of Israel lives, who prevented me from harming you if you had not come quickly to meet me, Nabal wouldn’t have had any men left by morning light.” 1 Samuel 25:32-33 HCSB

Have you ever had to step out of your “comfort zone”? I have jumped off a thirty foot cliff into the ocean in Hawaii and I have gone through a very narrow “corkscrew” in a cave. Both times I was way out of my “comfort zone”. When I had to make a speech in my speech class in college, I was out of my “comfort zone”. Today I am very comfortable speaking, preaching, and teaching conferences. Sometimes God helps us to overcome our fears and uses us to accomplish His will.

Just imagine how far out of her “comfort zone” Abigail had to go to approach David. First she was a woman in a culture that looked on women as property rather than individuals of value and importance. Secondly, she was approaching David, a man she knew was a very important and powerful man. Third, she was going against her husband’s wishes and the decisions he had made. Obviously, this would not have been an easy task for her. God gave Abigail the needed strength and courage to intervene and stop David from taking revenge.

Challenge: Where might God be calling you to step out of your “comfort zone”? If you are willing to intervene and help diffuse a bad situation, it will likely require you to step out of your “comfort zone”. Ask God to give you the strength and courage to get involved and make a difference in a bad situation. Pray for wisdom and know that there are times when you may need to bring in people with more trained expertise or you may need to leave justice in God’s hands.

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