Facing Challenges

No one will be able to stand against you as long as you live. I will be with you, just as I was with Moses. I will not leave you or forsake you. Joshua 1:1-2 HCSB

I , like others, have faced many challenges in my lifetime such as learning to walk, going to school, learning to read, learning to ride a bike, speaking in front of a crowd of people, leading conferences, changing jobs, getting married, and becoming a father and grandfather. I have also faced the challenge of working with difficult people and having people mistreat me.

Life is filled with challenges, but nothing compares to the challenge that Joshua faced. He was about to lead approximately 2 million people into a new land and conquer the people who currently occupied the land. He had already faced the challenge of dealing with people who were complaining and unfaithful to following God's laws. I am sure the task seemed overwhelming not to mention that he was trying to fill Moses' shoes and follow God's instructions. God knew that Joshua had some doubts so He affirmed him and told him that He would be with him and never forsake him. No one would be able to stand against Joshua because God was on His side. All that Joshua needed to do to be successful was to trust God and follow His leadership.

Challenge: Interestingly, the same is true today – if we are going to be successful we must trust God and follow His leadership. What would you attempt to do if you knew that God was with you and you could not fail? No matter what challenges you are facing in your life right now, know that God is with you and will not forsake you.

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