Three Keys to Success

“Be strong and courageous, for you will distribute the land I swore to their fathers to give them as an inheritance.” Joshua 1:6 HCSB

Self-help and roads to success books seem to be as plentiful as the stars in the sky. Everyone is interested in discovering how to be successful. Many people think that prosperity and success comes from having a powerful position, influential friends, and a drive to get ahead and beat the competition. But God describes three ways that Joshua could be successful in everything he did. Over the next three days we will look at these three avenues to success.

The first thing that God said was important was to “Be Strong and Courageous”. When facing a difficult task we need to show strength instead of weakness. We need to be courageous instead of afraid. We can have confidence when we know that God is with us. God expects us to play a role and to be a part of His plan.

Challenge: Be strong and courageous. Do your part in accomplishing God's plan. Know that God always keeps His promises and will help you be successful if you will follow His leadership and direction.

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