And Joshua said to all the people, “You see this stone – it will be a witness against us, for it has heard all the words the Lord said to us, and it will be a witness against you, so that you will not deny your God.” Joshua 24:27 HCSB

Our family had the privilege of traveling to Washington DC. We went to see the Lincoln, FDR, Vietnam War, Korean War, and the World War II memorials. Each memorial is designed to be a permanent reminder and memorial to the individuals or group of soldiers who fought in the war. Each time a person visits these memorials, he is reminded of what a sacrifice those whose names are engraved did for our country.

The stone that Joshua placed was to be a reminder or memorial of the commitment the people had made to serving the one true and living God. The stone could not actually hear or be a witness, but it would be a reminder to the people and a way of helping themkeep their promises.

Challenge: Have you ever made a promise to someone? Have you ever made a promise to God? Be careful what you promise to do. Be a person of your word. Who helps to hold you accountable to do what you have promised? Consider planting a tree as a memorial for someone who has special significance in your life. Each time you see the tree, it will be a reminder of that person and the sentiment you hold for him.

Read The Bible Through In Two Years: Genesis 7:1 – 8:22; Matthew 5:21-48

Saturday: Psalms 1 and 2; Matthew 6:1-15

Sunday: Genesis 9:1-29; Matthew 6:16-34

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